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Florida’s Own Barry S. Mcleod tells “News 4 JAX River City” what “Divorce N’ Us” is Really about…

News 4 JAX | River City Live | interviews “Florida’s own Barry S. Mcleod” | Divorce N’ Us

SPECIAL FOOTAGE and Trailer from the Actual Play. Enjoy!



Divorce N’ Us, The Play

Emotional and Inspirational! “Divorce N’ Us” speaks to marriages and relationships, showing how God works it all out when there is no hope to be found, watch how he do! VERY FUNNY and full of SUBSTANCE giving VALUE that lasts even after the play. Audiences leave feeling Blessed and filled with Hope and Joy for their future, Plus They Laugh Really Hard. Finally a play with no dull or corny moments that ministers to your heart and mind without sacrificing the THRILL and LAUGHTER.


What do the People say about it??

They LOVE it!!! You Heard what the PEOPLE said.

“Divorce N’ Us” AUDIENCES have said on Facebook and YouTube that this is a “MUST SEE, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE MARRIED OR IN A RELATIONSHIP”. Another audience reviewed and said “SO MUCH HAS BEEN LEARNED WATCHING THIS, I HAVE BEEN TRULY BLESSED BECAUSE I CAME TO SEE THIS, THANK YOU GOD FOR USING BARRY TO DELIVER THIS MINISTRY AND THANK YOU BARRY”. Watch valuable lessons and be remind of what to do to Re-spark the love that God gave you. Crafted to speak to the hearts of the MATURE and GROWN, THAT’S YOU!

"Divorce N Us" the Play actors Florida's Own Barry S. Mcleod and Gloria Pringle Ashley.

Meet the Cast

Interview with the cast is so AWESOME. check it out!

KEEP SCROLLING to see REASONS why you should see “Divorce N’ Us” and WATCH “Harry and Barbra’s” Exclusive Therapy Session “The Symptoms” BELOW.

"Divorce N Us" the Play actors Florida's Own Barry S. Mcleod and Gloria Pringle Ashley.

Divorce N’ Us, the Play

Reasons to See “Divorce N’ Us” and Watch Barbra and Harry’s Serious Therapy Session.

Barbra and Harry’s Relationship Therapy Session that takes Place Before the Play. The Symptoms.

Reasons to see “Divorce N’ Us” or If you can say any of these things, come JOIN us!

  • Sick of you and your big head lover not seeing Eye to Eye and You both are at a stale-mate and don’t know what to do it about it.
  • You and your lover just got back together and you want to reflect on how silly you 2 were acting with a laugh while also celebrating your rekindling.
  • Just got married! In this case you should hurry before it’s too late, see how you can extend your honeymoon.
  • Going through a divorce and you just lost all hope and at this time you could use some help, not just on your side but also your lover’s side and are in need of a blessed word.
  • You don’t know how to fix the bad times or you thought you knew but nothing you’re doing is working.
  • Things are Bland and it would be nice to do something different for date night that will give you something real to talk about. Real Talk!
  • You and your Big head lover have Tried and Tried but the fire just has died and need just a little advice on how to do right with your lover through God.
  • Tired of meaningless Television shows and Movies, Just want to see something that gives you something back and that lasts
  • Just met someone that you like and could use a little tune up for how you should and should not be going forward.
  • You’re cool with how things are, but it would be nice to do something different on Saturday.
  • You love a good relationship story.
  • Would love and opportunity for you and your lover to take a look in the mirror and see how God wanted you to handle it and be ministered to.
  • Just got divorced and need an easy way to self-reflect as well as a little direction without sacrificing your pride and getting a fingers pointed at you while trying to take things in and analyze yourself, only you and God know, let the healing begin!
  • You’re a mature adult and want to see something tailored for the Grown and Experienced. Everything is made for the teeny boppers and young adults, but not this Play!
  • You just plain old stubborn and you know it and you don’t take well to advise from people, you only take advice when it comes from a message from God.
  • Just started dating someone and wouldn’t mind something that reminds you of healthy habits to implement that keeps the fire burning.

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If you have not Purchased your tickets, What are you waiting for? Too much Funny!!! So many people have already received so much anointing and LAUGHTER from this play. If you are Married or in a Relationship do yourself a favor and see this show, STRENGTHEN and HEAL YOUR LOVE. If you need any assistance? CONTACT US!!! We would love helping you enjoy this experience.